Friday, 30 May 2008

Nothing is certain yet, but...........

.....we are hoping this is to be our second season of just getting in a car and nipping to a local match to satisfy our hunger and passion for live football.

We are n
ot too bothered about having a whole day out with loads of booze and pies, the football is the main thing.

It has been called the "beautiful game", but at Non-League level this can sometimes be stretching it a little.
Has to be said though - we didn't get to many stinkers last season. Oh, trust me, we did have a few!! Two real sticker outers were South Normanton v Long Eaton ( phew) and the Notts FA Senior Cup final between Ollerton /Tn and Eastwood Tn ( least said, soonest mended).....but on the whole last season was a thouroughly enjoyable experience, and here's hoping for more of the same.

Season 2008-2009 cannot start quickly enough - we already have several pre-season friendlies lined up -- please don't take it as read that the games will be on just because they are listed on this blog... Check out the local press or contact the clubs involved - I can't be blamed if games are changed/cancelled......

With the advent of the new East Midlands Counties League, we should not be short of games to go to this coming season. We are also hoping to take in a couple or three Notts Senior League games as well.

I hope to be able to catch my beloved Stags a few times this season, after missing ALL last season's games. Kev will hope to catch the Florists again, but I don't want to go again, EVER.........!!

So we will have NPP NP1 NCELP NCEL1 CMLS CMLP EMCL NSL BSN BSP plus a variety of cup games -- looks like being a busy season ....can't wait!!

Monday, 5 May 2008

Season 2008-2009

Looking at taking in a few NSL games as well as the UniBond, CML, NCEL, EMCL, BSN and BSP now the mighty Stags have been relegated.