Friday, 30 May 2008

Nothing is certain yet, but...........

.....we are hoping this is to be our second season of just getting in a car and nipping to a local match to satisfy our hunger and passion for live football.

We are n
ot too bothered about having a whole day out with loads of booze and pies, the football is the main thing.

It has been called the "beautiful game", but at Non-League level this can sometimes be stretching it a little.
Has to be said though - we didn't get to many stinkers last season. Oh, trust me, we did have a few!! Two real sticker outers were South Normanton v Long Eaton ( phew) and the Notts FA Senior Cup final between Ollerton /Tn and Eastwood Tn ( least said, soonest mended).....but on the whole last season was a thouroughly enjoyable experience, and here's hoping for more of the same.

Season 2008-2009 cannot start quickly enough - we already have several pre-season friendlies lined up -- please don't take it as read that the games will be on just because they are listed on this blog... Check out the local press or contact the clubs involved - I can't be blamed if games are changed/cancelled......

With the advent of the new East Midlands Counties League, we should not be short of games to go to this coming season. We are also hoping to take in a couple or three Notts Senior League games as well.

I hope to be able to catch my beloved Stags a few times this season, after missing ALL last season's games. Kev will hope to catch the Florists again, but I don't want to go again, EVER.........!!

So we will have NPP NP1 NCELP NCEL1 CMLS CMLP EMCL NSL BSN BSP plus a variety of cup games -- looks like being a busy season ....can't wait!!


kev child said...

Great site, looking forward to the new season and your travels. Watch Scarborough Athletic if you can, they are going to be awesome this coming season.
All the best

Malc said...

Not much chance of seeing the Seadogs next at Games at Rainworth and Teversal look to be the only ones available locally. Anyway, I really wish Boro all the best for the coming season. My own team, the Mighty Mansfield Town, are now non-league and will be on the visiting list quite a few times... I have fond memories of Scarborough v Mansfield at the McCain - one involving a steward and a beach ball !! Malc