Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Monday 21st July 2008

Eastwood Town v Tamworth --- pre-season friendly

Decided to pay a visit to our old stomping ground Coronation Park, home of Eastwood Town FC, to see the "new" Badgers take on Tamworth.
After a pre-season spending spree that saw no fewer than 10 new faces arrive at Eastwood, we expected to see the players struggle to bond together, but never expected such obviously talented players to forget how to play football.....suffice to say, this was a pre-season game to forget -- the only decent chance saw the ball cannon off the underside of the Eastwood bar and back into play, right at the end of the game.
Impressed with Anton Foster, Alistair Asher and Ian Holmes, but none of the other players really stood out .

Starting 11 -- Deakin :Asher, Shaw, Mathews, Sturdy, Robinson : Foster, Gardner, Cooke : Holmes, Rhead ... subs used... Goddard, Smith, Brookes, Bailey, Whitman, Meikle, Swinscoe.

Highlight of the night? Damn silly linesman cavorting in front of us...what a pratt. He was bobbing up and down, crouching like he was taking a dump, and generally entertaining us more than the actual game!!! He must also have been the only person in the ground that did not know who Des Lyttle was, referring to him as "number 2" !!!

It was a bit strange hearing the Eastwood Chairman hawking Season Tickets like a barrer-boy -- but record season ticket sales seems to support his actions. I have to hand it to the ETFC Chairman - he really has a desire to take the team onwards and upwards, and when the squad finally knits together, they will be there or thereabouts at the end of the season.....

Another game on Thursday -- Hucknall Town are taking on Notts County at Watnall Road 7:30 kick off...

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Chris W said...

It was not only the cavorting that made the linesman entertaining. It was also the number of times that he was called in to indicating a decision (throw in, goal kick, foul etc). Let's raise the flag to hover at waist height...which way will the ref call it....and ....yes, the ref has called it so now lets wave the flag! Could have loaned him my glasses! Having said all that, if the game had been better, maybe we would have been discussing that instead. Three or four good moves, otherwise a very scrappy game. Eastwood need to remember the pitch is quite wide. I've only seen them a few times but they do not use the width of the pitch to their advantage!