Saturday, 3 January 2009

Saturday 3rd January 2009

Sutton Town AFC 1-1 Ollerton Town -- CML Supreme Division

On one of the coldest days of the winter, Kev decided to CHILL out down by the river - yep, maggott drowning again -- meant it was off to the Fieldings on my own to see 3rd placed Sutton host 4th placed Ollerton..

Looked a tight game on paper, and so it proved. Although if Referee Mr. Tinsley had been a little less whistle and card happy the game may have been even better.

Disappointed that no programme was available yet again - made all the worse because no team sheet was pinned up anywhere, and there were no PA announcements. How is a casual visitor supposed to know who is who on the pitch?? Room for improvement in this area, Sutton.

The home team had a couple of early chances, Newman's drive flying just wide of the post and after a neat turn in the box, Stubley's shot was collected easily by Ollerton keeper McLafferty.

In the 10th minute, Ollerton striker Lee Wilson was through one-on-one with Sutton keeper Frost, but the keeper managed to block well. Ollerton almost scored on 16 after a Sutton short corner routine failed miserably - again Wilson was one-on-one with Frost, but on this occasion he fired just wide.

On 22, Alberry headed off the line from an Ollerton corner, then raced off the line to successfully block the shot from the loose ball.

The visitors took the lead three minutes before the break, the no.2 shirt hitting a fierce drive from the edge of the box that flew through a crowd of players and past Frost. One piece of slack marking fully punished, leaving Manager Danny Bryant fuming - and not the best time for me to try and cheer him up by telling him Forest were 2 up at Man City....d'oh!!

A half of petty fouls and more interuptions than I could count - the Ollerton no. 7, 8 and 9 were all booked along with Snipes' Guest, but I can't really recall one seriously reckless challenge..... H-T 0-1

The second half was totally one way traffic as Sutton tried to get back on level terms. McLafferty in the Ollerton goal though, was relatively untroubled, despite all the Snipes' pressure. More bookings for Ollerton players - this time no. 2 and no. 12 - as well as Suttons no.3 Gaz Davey. So seven bookings - and as the game entered it's final knockings, a sending off. This was a particularly nasty challenge by the Ollerton no. 5 jacket -- could have almost been classed as a kung-fu kick -- to the chest of Sutton player Martin Newman.

As it happened it was a double whammy for the visitors, because the Snipes grabbed a well deserved equaliser from the resultant free-kick - Steve Bayliss volleying home at the far post. F-T 1-1 ...
Suttons first draw of the League campaign.

In the end I suppose 1-1 was overall a fair result, but you have to wonder what the game COULD have been like if the Referee had have let the game flow a little..he must like filling in forms!! It would be interesting to hear what the assessor Mr. Whitehead had to say about Mr. Tinsley's performance.

Admission £3

Tea/coffee -- queue was too long for me to bother

Programme - no....

Attendance -- my head count 60

Sorry - I didn't take any pictures.. it was far too cold to get the camera out!!

Tuesday - off to Grange Park to see Long Eaton United take on NCEL Premier Division leaders Mickleover Sports.


lanx57 said...

Hi MALC, Sutton Town AFC V Ollerton Town. Sorry to here about the queue for tea/coffee, but the kitchen staff were quite busy on Saturday...
On the programme issue, there was a programme available (purple cabin). if you still require a programme please pass your details on to Danny and I will post you one or I can give it to Danny to pass on. Hope this helps. Anton (programme ed).

Malc said...

Hi Anton...
Sorry to be critical, but I was told by the guy on the gate that there were no programmes left, even though I was at the ground quite early...I didn't actually see anyone with a programme..hence I put 1 and 1 together and got 5 !! Sorry!!

You used to put the teamsheet in a window which would have compensated somewhat....

When I said I didn't bother about the tea, it was really my fault for not getting there early enough - I knew there were quite a few people present and I should have got there earlier. Kev is the one who usually sorts out the teas, but he was busy by the riverside!!