Friday, 5 June 2009

No more updates

Just one more post -- the best of / worst of list.... then this blog will not be updated ---

OK – here goes : and I am prepared to be shot at !!!


Game : Sutton Tn AFC 4-3 Yorkshire Main – good old fashioned finger-biter……although Worksop 3-1 Frickley was not far behind.

Food : Not too many occasions we had to buy food, but Gedling MW’s cheeseburger and chips were superb – fresh burgers, not the usual frozen ones. Alternative ? Any Pukka pie outlet!!

Coffee/tea : Forest Town / Greenwood Meadows / my flask !

Goal : 364 to choose from !! Cup : Ben Newman -- overhead kick for Pinxton v Sutton Tn AFC at Sth Normanton. League : has to be between Ben Greenhalgh’s great run, dribble and fierce drive for Sutton V Nettleham in April and Julian Topliss’ run and shot for Ollerton Tn at Bliworth in May.

Raffle win: Bottle of Pinot Grigio at Carlton Tn

Programme : Not an avid programme collector, but there are a few grounds where buying one is a must.

1) Rainworth MW – editor Gordon Foster
2) Gedling MW – editor Tony Hay

The overall best programme must be Eastwood Town’s Andy Cope’s publication for the Notts F.A. Senior Cup final - £2 but superb.

Best programme

Referee : Rob Rees / David Sullivan


Game :

Mansfield Town v York City or Worksop Tn v Eastwood – take your pick!

Coffee/tea : Rainworth MW and Gedling Town for quality, Calverton for quantity.

: Colin Barraclough

Food : probably Mansfield’s pies – not too good, let me tell you.

Programme : For value it has to be the Pinxton cup final effort at £1.50 for 4 pages

Worst value programme


Good feeling moments:

1) Going back to Field Mill
2) Seeing Tony Hay at Gedling MW after his recovery from a vicious knife attack.
3) Blidworth W v Ollerton Town – great game in great company

Funny moments :

1) Rob Hornby getting his hat knocked off his head at Kimberley.
2) Also at Kimberley – Brian Dennett struggling with his OXO after putting as little too much salt in it!!!

Strange moments:

1) Looking up from a game at Radcliffe to see a dark hooded figure looming close by – we thought the grim reaper had come for us….weird!!!
2) Ilkeston v Eastwood – why that police helicopter at half-time????

Statistics –

Games 100
Goals 364
Average 3.64
Grounds visited 29

Most visits:

Kirlington Road, Rainworth - 9 times
Stoke Lane, Carlton - 9 times
Watnall road, Hucknall - 9 times

Most goals in a game:

Not counting the pre-season friendly, Gedling Tn 1-11 Eastwood Town, the highest aggregate was 10 : Rolls Royce Leisure 6-4 Sutton Tn AFC and Kimberley Tn 2-8 Forest Town.

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