Thursday, 28 May 2009

Season 2009-2010

Well... just been to Field Mill and bought me and Kev's season tickets.

I walked towards the ticket office and was beckoned into the foyer where I was greeted by MTFC chairman Andrew Perry. He lent me his pen to fill out a cheque! I haven't paid for anything by cheque for it was, I had had a bit of a struggle remembering where my cheque book was!!!

Cheque is the preferred method of payment - debit and credit cards attracted a 5% card charge - so a saving of £19.50 just like that!
Asked for Quarry Lane End tickets but we will have no idea of where the seats will be. Fear not : Mr. Perry assured me that if the seats designated to us are not to our liking, we can very easily be re-located.

So, season 2009-10 should pan out like this:

Stags home games every two weeks or so, with another local non-league game on alternative Saturday's. Tuesday will still see us out and about locally- if the Stags aren't at home. Still hope to get 100 games in, but with 23 games at Field Mill I can see our this season goal average of 3.64 dipping a little. We are not expecting goal feasts in the Conference.

I can't begin to explain how good it is to be going "home" again.

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