Friday, 10 April 2009

Friday 10th April 2009 Pt II

Ilkeston Town 1-0 Eastwood Town -- UniBond Premier Division

A crowd of about 1000 was expected, but when we arrived at the NMG the traffic was aalready at a standstill and we knew that the1000 estimate was going to be well short of the actual attendance.. .

I think that 2288 surprised everyone, especially the Derbyshire Constabulary who had just a small presence initially. After a bit of bother with smoke bombs and rowdy behaviour, that presence turned into dozens of squad cars, hundreds of officers and a heccyclopter - that shone it's light in my eyes and gave me a headache with it's constant buzzing at half-time...!

Obviously there will be match reports on other sites, and I took no notes anyway...needless to say, Ilkeston won the game thanks to a Marc Newsham goal on 27. The goal came after a fierce drive had cannoned of the post - Newsham reacted quickest and fired home...

Having parked the car in the "back field" and aware of the problems that might be faced getting out of the ground, we exited 6 or 7 minutes early and were one of the first cars to leave. Back in Hucknall for 9:45pm......

Highlight of the night for Kev was his favourite ex-Badger Chris Shaw coming up and saying hello.... and after chatting to James Whitehead earlier, we were then joined by my favourite ex-Badger Danny Bryant who stayed with us throughout the game. Bryant, Whitehead, Shaw....three great players from Eastwoods recent past ... really made Kev's night let me tell you!!!

Is it really 4 years since they played together?

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