Saturday, 23 May 2009

Saturday 23rd May 2009 pt 111

Carlton Town Reserves 2-0 Yorkshire Main Reserves -- CML Presidents Cup

A recently added fixture to the CML season gave us the chance to notch up our 100th game of the season.

Played at the Stag Ground, home of Kimberley Town FC, CML Supreme Reserve Division champions Carlton Town took on CML Premier Reserve Division champions Yorkshire Main.

The only seat available and Brian Dennett nabbs it!!

Nice day out in the sunshine, decent turn out - and another chance to meet up with Rob Waite aka "Ian Midloth" - he had brought along his friend Adam, a Lincoln City fan... well, we're none of us perfect...!!!!

The football was of a decent standard, but nothing that made you want to take copious notes.

One moment to report was a shot from a Carlton player that flew over the bar and dipped under the stand and took Rob Hornby's cap off his head!! H-T 0-0

More of the same for the first 15 minutes of the second period, then Carlton were awarded a penalty after one of their players was bundled over in the area. STEVE COX stepped up and calmly slotted home the spot-kick.

Steve Cox sends the keeper the wrong way

A few minutes later, Carlton doubled their lead when an 18 yard shot from MATT PEBERDAY flew past the Yorkshire Main keeper. F-T 2-0

There was a bit of nonsense after the game -- with the cups and trophies all lined up ready to be presented, Yorkshire Main were kept waiting by Carlton who had decided to have a team talk .... Some unpleasant language and abuse was directed at League officials by the Yorkshire Main contingent, and that was not really in keeping with the day.

Also, being from Nottingham it has always baffled me why, after all the intervening years since 1984, we are still called "scabs" by Yorkshire people - anyway this was turned on it's head at this game with one of the YM management complaining that it's always the same, "as soon as we cross from Yorkshire into Nottingham, they get reminded of the miners strike".... come on people - this was 25 years ago --

Carlton Tn Res collect their 4th trophy of the season

More images from the game

Admission £3 inc programme

Attendance -- approx 100 ?

Next? Working on a "best of /worst of" list, other than that we'll be back mid July when pre-season games begin new ontheroad site

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