Saturday, 2 May 2009

Saturday 2nd May 2009

Belper Town 0-1 Stocksbridge Park Steels -- UniBond Div 1 South play-off final

We set off to Christchurch Meadow with thoughts of a delicious pork and stuffing cob on our minds.....we got there and had a look over the fence to see the queue for the snack bar was horrendous - so that was that!

Mind you, we never anticipated such a large crowd.... and it took us a while to actually get into the ground - queuing at Belper??? Turns out there were 801 in attendance - my guess at 650 was not far out!! Anyway, no snap, no programme, no tea....but a great game!!

A solitary 18th minute goal from Steels' no. 9 ANDY RING settled the game, but plenty of chances were created by both sides. On reflection, you have to say the best team on the day were Stockbridge - Belper tried to raise their game after the break but a combination of great defending and pure bad luck meant that the Sheffield outfit are now proudly in the UniBond Premier Division. How long they'll stay there is another matter altogether.....

We stood, unusually for us, behind a goal. No seats were free, and the best available space was directly behind the goal that the home team were to defend in the first half. Not bad - we had a great view of the goal - and watched the ball all the way into the net after Ring had slotted calmly under Belper keeper Leigh Walker. We also had a terrific view of what was a stonewall penalty - but the mistimed slide by Walker went unpunished by the Referee.

Things went downhill for us after the break when we were joined behing the goal by a bunch of Belper "fans". If calling the Stocksbridge players "fat", and shouting "look at his man-boobs" represents Belper's finest, then lord help the club! Not a lot of support for their team, they were more interested in taking the p**s out of the opposition. Well, the opposition had the last laugh - and were fully deserving of the win.

We raced for the car at the final whistle having changed ends with 10 to go - and thanks to some skillful driving and pedestrian avoidance by Kev, we had left the ground by 10 to five!! Back home by 20 past.....

Link to Tim Harrison's images from the game

Attendance 801
Admission £7
Programme - never saw one!
Snap ....

Monday afternoon we are off to Derbyshire again... this time to the Impact Arena to see Sutton Tn AFC take on Westella & Willerby in the CMFL cup final.

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